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The McEwen Investment Report

For over 20 years, the McEwen Investment Report has provided readers with accurate, timely and effective guidance to the share market.

Its recommendations are based on a unique set of criteria that find financially sound businesses that are temporarily undervalued by other investors.

This has proven to be a low-risk strategy that to date has delivered returns that are substantially above the overall market.

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Strategy Service

There are a number of strategies that target specific sectors and with risk profiles that range from highly conservative Blue Chip or dividend-oriented shares to more volatile, high-potential strategies.

There are no highly leveraged or financially engineered products here, just quality shares on major western stock markets, identified by in house researchers and traders with decades of collective experience.

You get 24-hour online access to your account to see what is going on and you can instruct us to switch strategies at no charge or suspend or cease trading at any time.

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*If you change your mind about your subscription for any reason, we will give you a refund on any unsent issues

Overseas Real Estate Investments

Spanish Property Investments
The Spanish economy is one of the most important in the world.

Its appeal to investors is not only related with the domestic Spanish market but also due to the possibility of undertaking transactions in the wider Schengen Area; Paired with strong economic, historical, and cultural ties with Latin America, making Spain the perfect door through which access can be obtained to said markets.

We're opening access to residential, touristic, rural, commercial, and industrial real estate investment opportunities in Spain to boutique kiwi investors looking for a something different, the ability to conduct business in the EU, or a sunny holiday home.

With a minimum investment of €500,000, this isn't for your ordinary investor.
The minimum investment limit grants you access to a Spanish Golden Family Visa, which can be exchanged for Residency.
Allowing you to freely travel the EU, and live, study, work, or retire in Spain.

Give us a call and we'll tailor some properties to your unique request.

Realtor - Ivan Fornasari

We are an unique platform in Mallorca Spain and Auckland New Zealand focused on real estate and commercial brokerage as core activity, surrounded by consulting, Visa services for anyone interested to invest, live and work in Baleares.

With 10 years experience working in real estate across Spain and New Zealand, property acquisitions of any size are possible.

Not interesting in Spanish property, but still interested in purchasing property in the EU?

Give us a call and we'll see what we can do.

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